Custom built aerial vehicles

Ready for Launch


Custom builds & repairs

Custom built drones, frames, assemblies and full body kits using the latest in carbon fiber, plastic board and lightweight aircraft aluminum. Our drones are designed for special needs services in the EMS, Police, Fire and Animal rescue.

Hyper Drones

Drones on steroids

Already have a drone? We design custom modifications for your drone. Everything from color, speeds, firmware, video and rebuilds. Turn your drone into a hyperdrone.

EMS & Police Drones

Toolbox ready for any situation

Toolbox ready means "for any situation" that may arise. Providing law enforcement and EMS services the aerial and underwater tools for capture, rescue and surveillance. Toys for the big boys!

Custom built and tailored for specific needs. Dronautix brand.

Before you fly

FAA Regulations

If your drone weighs more than .55 and up to 55 pounds, you must register your drone with the Federal Aviation Administration. There is a $5.00 fee.

Before you fly

Download the app AirMap for your smartphone or iOS from the App Store or from the Google play store. This app is free of charge.

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